Call for Artists and Makers:

If you are an artist or maker who would like to take part in this year's Lambeth Open event please read the Terms and Conditions and then Register (see below).

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Lambeth’s original borough wide showcase for creative talent.

On the first weekend of October artists and crafts people across the borough of Lambeth will be opening their studio and work spaces to the public. Doors will be open from 10am to 6pm, 4th and 5th October and admission will be free. Dots will be added to our map as artists and makers sign up to this year’s event.Lambeth Open showcases the fantastic range of creative talent tucked away in our borough and is a great way to discover the various art spaces too often hidden in your neighbourhoods. Visitors will be able to see inside the artist’s studios and exhibition spaces for a unique personal insight into the individual creative processes. It is also timed to coincide with the first weekend of the neighbouring Wandsworth Open House event.If you are an artist or craftsperson living or working in the borough of Lambeth and would like to exhibit please create an account and we will contact you later for details of where you will be showing.

Featured Artist - Kit Boyd

Kit’s art explores our relationship with landscape and our place in nature. Recent etchings have been primarily influenced by Samuel Palmer; they explore modern landscapes in an antique style and are sometimes populated with figures using modern technology. He follows in the British romantic tradition, and is particularly influenced by Neo-romantic artists of the 1940s and the Surrealist movement. He shows at Greenwich Printmakers, Southbank Printmakers, Skylark Galleries and the Rebecca Hossack Gallery in Charlotte Street.

Featured Artist - Ayse Hassan

Ayse Hassan is a locally based, Turkish Cypriot artist, who came to live in London in the late 60s and on her arrival to Brixton in the early 90s she immersed herself in the DIY culture of Cooltan Arts and with a few women (assisted by Vince) built a darkroom in the old dole office as well as supporting the progressive self-funded community with organising London’s finest parties, art activities and events.

Ayse finances her photography practice by sharing her creative skills within the charity and educational sectors with the determination to be in Japan in 2015!

As a photographic artist Ayse Hassan is engrossed in the philosophical concept of ‘self and the environment’ in which human existence stems from the concept of mutual interconnectedness with the environment reflecting like a mirror our human action and our expressions of thought and feelings.

Featured Artist – Richard Pavitt

Richard Pavitt lives and works in London. He studied for a BA in photography and film at West Surrey College of Art and Design in the 80s. He has worked in the professional broadcast industry for the last twenty five years. Parallel to this he has continued to pursue his interest and passion for photography, keeping sketchbooks of ideas. Recently he has been exploring digital art, returning to his photography as a source. From this he has produced a body of work that is more expressive of his visual ideas. Most recently he has been working with collage, further developing these ideas. At this years Lambeth Open he will be exhibiting all new work, centred around a series of thirty six small canvases, depicting themes of urban landscape and spirituality.

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