london open studiosOn the first weekend of October artists and crafts people across the borough of Lambeth will be opening their studio and work spaces to the public. Doors will be open from 10am to 6pm, 1st and 2nd October and admission will be free.

Dots will be added to our map as artists and makers sign up to this year’s event. Lambeth Open showcases the fantastic range of creative talent tucked away in our borough and is a great way to discover the various art spaces too often hidden in your neighbourhoods. Click on a dot to find out more.

Visitors will be able to see inside the artist’s studios and exhibition spaces for a unique personal insight into the individual technical processes. Private Views may be held at a number of exhibition spaces, see venues for details.



KATE NEWINGTON Ever since her early teens, when she discovered the work of the Cubists, who made their still lifes with torn and cut segments of French newspapers and bits of frayed wine label, Kate has been fascinated by collage. Her earliest work was made with bits of paper of one sort or another and she now makes still lifes, commissioned portraits, and more abstract pieces, using a variety of materials.



NADAV DRUKKER creates beautiful functional ware in stoneware and porcelain. Known for his attention to detail on both small and large pieces, his specialties include coffee mugs, large vases and lamps. He derives his inspiration from Japanese arts and crafts, employing many of the traditional techniques and glazes, and from the vibrant environment of Brixton.



DAVID TAYLOR is a professional contemporary landscape artist specialising in mood and atmosphere rather than the figurative. Working in oils, he manipulates the paint using bushes and palette knife, building up layers of paint and glazes that depict the dramatic weather conditions he loves to paint. His recent exhibitions have stretched as far afield as Singapore and Canada, as well as here in London. His paintings hang in private collections in Europe, Far East and the USA.

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