london open studiosOn the first weekend of October artists and crafts people across the borough of Lambeth will be opening their studio and work spaces to the public. Doors will be open from 10am to 6pm, 1st and 2nd October and admission will be free.

Dots will be added to our map as artists and makers sign up to this year’s event. Lambeth Open showcases the fantastic range of creative talent tucked away in our borough and is a great way to discover the various art spaces too often hidden in your neighbourhoods. Click on a dot to find out more.

Visitors will be able to see inside the artist’s studios and exhibition spaces for a unique personal insight into the individual technical processes. Private Views may be held at a number of exhibition spaces, see venues for details.



MARTIN GROVER is an established painter and screen printer. His inspirations are simple: childhood recollections, minor street scenes, small news items, poetry, popular songs, advertising, lost or abandoned ephemera, old 45’s, sheds and bus stops. His style can range from straight ahead realism to pop art parody through to whimsical illustration; all produced with wry humour and an occasional hint of melancholy.



PATRICK STERN has been working in glass for thirty years, exploring the diversity of techniques for exploring the unique properties of the medium. Current work expresses the potential to convey meaning by way of the inclusion of typographic form. Work is held in the national collection of Scotland, and has been included in the Corning New Glass Review, as well as private and public collections.



The essence of JAMES ALEC HARDY’s practice is a process concerned with the impact of technologies on our experience of life. Since 2002, he has focused on analogue video systems, manifesting ideas through performance, sculpture, installation and print. By using obsolete devices from a former analogue age to reproduce digital functions, Hardy’s practice is challenging and engaging; Ranging from building sculptural totems of video monitors, to 3 month long shamanic residencies in fields with I-Cabin, to 3 day long noise and feedback performances at The Tate Modern. He is represented by Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery.


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