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Michelle Avison‘s work explores the drawn and remembered landscapes of the city and the west coast of Scotland, where she spends the summer every year. Interested in drawing, and the nature of response, Avison’s multi-media approach pushes the boundaries of what printmaking is, and how it can be used as […]

Slaughterhaus Print – Vincent’s Yard, Stockwell SW9 0QT

Andy Coe was born in Leeds, Yorkshire (1954) and gained a BA Hons. degree in Graphic Design from Brighton Polytechnic – now part of Sussex University in 1976. Andy worked as a graphic designer and illustrator in New York in the ‘80s before returning to London to work in the […]

Andrew Coe – 10 Charles Haller Street, Tulse Hill SW2 ...

Ever since her early teens, when she discovered the work of the Cubists, who made their still lifes with torn and cut segments of French newspapers and bits of frayed wine label, Kate has been fascinated by collage. Her earliest work was made with bits of paper of one sort […]

Kate Newington – 30 Saltoun Road, Brixton SW2 1EP

The Brixton Pound (B£) is money that sticks to Brixton and designed to support local businesses to encourage trade and production. The Brixton Pound cafe was opened in July 2016 and is the first in South London where all food and drink is served on a pay-what-you-feel basis. TIMOTHY SUTTON specialises […]

Brixton £ Cafe – 77 Atlantic Rd, Brixton SW9 8PU

John is a fine artist specialising in abstraction. He lives and work in South London. About his process he says; “In the creation of my abstract pieces I employ many techniques and different medium. Recently I’ve incorporated collage into the work using both vintage and new papers alongside oil and […]

John Hobbs – 131 Lansdowne Way, Stockwell SW8 2NP

LUCY DUKE is a landscape and still life artist working in pastel and watercolour. She has exhibited every year in the Lambeth Open since its inception October 2009 at her studio home where all are welcome. Her work has many loyal collectors in the neighbourhood and beyond and she has […]

Lucy Duke – 50 Milton Road, Herne Hill SE240NP

GEMMA KELLY’s emotionally expressive sculptures can be both playful and confronting: from abstracts that draw on the aesthetic joys of dance, to human bodies that reveal pain and sorrow in their taught sinews and stressed limbs. Much of her work draws on personal experiences that she expresses boldly and without […]

198 Gallery – 198 Railton Rd, Herne Hill SE24 0JT

John Bateson has lived most of his adult life in Brixton and now works at St Christopher’s hospice in nearby Sydenham as an occupational therapist. John works in a variety of media, often in pastels but also in oils and more recently he has also been making lino cut prints. […]

25 Pulross Road, Brixton SW9 8AF

Roberto Ponte is inspired by the architectural panoramas and landscapes around him. Much of his current work is of locations around London, as well as the landscape he has fallen in love with, such as the counties of Devon and Cornwall. Over the years Roberto has received commissions from a […]

Roberto Ponte – 33 Chaucer Road, Herne Hill SE24 0NY

Pam sketches the local, diverse life in Brixton and London, bringing together the life and local awareness. The street exhibition at the beginning of Brixton Hill in 2014 is still remembered. 6 foot X 4 foot sketches displayed on 26 windows was a dramatic exhibition which remained for a year […]

Pam Williams – 31 Nealden Street, Brixton SW9 9RA

Priscilla is best known for her paintings of people swimming at Brockwell Lido. Her work is full of light, movement and colour, and often verges on the abstract, though some pieces reflect a quiet underwater world. She believes that it is the relationship between light and darkness in art that […]

Priscilla Watkins – 19 Tulsemere Road, West Norwood SE27 9EH

In her oil paintings and watercolours, Camilla Gray is interested in the great density of forests, the thick foliage, dappled sun and shade. She paints the depth and silence, focusing on details of light and shade. She has painted a particular forest in the South of Denmark (Falster) where she […]

Camilla Gray – 136 Lowden Road, Herne Hill SE24 0BQ

The Rebirth Of The Figurative Form – The renaissance of figurative art has a new protagonist in Brighton born, London Based artist Steve Yeates. He explodes the concept of the traditional aesthetic by his innovative use of socially inherent recycled materials such as reconstituted vandalised bus shelter glass & resin […]

Steve Yeates – Unit D112, 62 Tritton Rd, West Norwood ...

An artist whose brightly hued figurative work has undertones of social and the personal-is-political commentary, she has lived in Brixton for nearly 30 years, working in the art industry in various roles during that time. She will be showing examples of work that relate to the “garden” in Cressingham Gardens, […]

Carolyn Moon – The Rotunda, Cressingham Gardens SW2 2NJ

Ruby Lescott graduated in painting from Camberwell Art School and then taught in a special school for children suffering from emotional and behavioural problems. During that time Ruby continued to work mainly in the mediums of pastel and etching, but on leaving teaching she has returned to painting. Her subject […]

Ruby Lescott – 317 Kennington Road, Kennington SE11 4QE