John Bateson – 25 Pulross Road, Brixton SW9 8AF

John Bateson has lived most of his adult life in Brixton and now works at St Christopher’s hospice in nearby Sydenham as an occupational therapist. John works in a variety of media, often in pastels but also in oils and more recently he has also been making lino cut prints. John often draws his inspiration from the immediate locality, from the colour, the diversity and the strong sense of activity of places like Brixton market and its surroundings. He also paints still life.

In his lino cut prints, John attempts to create the kind of impressions of light and shade that a stain glass artist would be seeking. John describes himself as a colourist drawing inspiration from continental painters like Matisse, Cezanne Vincent Van Gogh as well as the earlier painters such as Fra Angelico who sought to transmit spiritual truths through colour light and form.




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