Portico Gallery – 23b Knight’s Hill, West Norwood SE27 0HS

Operational since May 2010, The Portico Gallery offers an exciting neighbourhood Art resource for the community. It is a ‘Not for Profit’, aesthetic, inspirational and welcoming community gallery where both new and established, trained or untrained artists can exhibit and sell their work and where groups  and individuals can aspire to excel by exhibiting, practicing, training and teaching. www.porticogallery.org.uk

ABENA ADDO is concerned with the expression of a fresh visual language. Working mainly from her imagination, the real world, and topical issues exists as a significant touchstone and ‘backdrop’ against which her images are placed, reflecting race, gender, and intimate desires through authentic and empathetic eyes.
Faces often feature in her work. Sometimes black and white, other times in colour.

MARIA BEADELL is a self-taught, South London-based portrait painter. She is fascinated by people likes to capture interesting characters she meets. Her portraits often incorporate a range of secondary themes including politics, women’s rights, religion, fantasy, horror and the macabre; as well as more universal themes of love, loss, death, fear, sex. Aesthetically her work often resembles that of Frida Kahlo, with elements of Dali, Bosch, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Kandinsky and Alberto Vargas occasionally thrown in.

CLAIRE BRENNAN is a multi- disciplinary artist. She derives much enjoyment from learning new processes and this is evident in the energy and vitality in her work. In a recent exhibition , digital art and crramic pieces were shown along with some earlier photo
etchings. Inspiration comes from nature,the human form, interiors, moments of joy as well as the human condition.
Currently she is exploring mixed media as well as developing her sculptural work.

ROBERT BROWN‘s work begins and ends in drawing, which sometimes grows into an idea.

ESTELLE BRANDIDIER graduated from Camberwell College of Art. She is a figurative artist mainly working in clay using her sculptures to become the subjects of her drawings.

PILAR CAMINO ALCON studied at Kingston University where she received a BA (Hons) in Fine Art. Best known for her figurative paintings using a warm, earthy palette of acrylics on canvas, she is also admired for her striking sculptures and her illustrations in children’s books. She has exhibited her art in numerous successful shows across London. Her work, difficult to define and pigeonhole, its eclectic, engaging and striking; very much like a reflection of her personality.  

SOPHIE M COOK works as a figurative Painter in oils. www.sophiemcook.com

ANNE E COOPER is a poet, photographer, workshop facilitator, founder of The Way of Words Creative Writing and Live Literature events. Her main practice is poetry though she feels there is a parallel between poetry and photography in the distillation of meaning in process and form. She comments that while missing the threading of film and the discipline it demands she is now exploring the possibilities of the digital.

ROSIE CRAWLEY uses the human body to convey the modern world that we live in. The figure and portraiture within her work may be used to describe the fragility of human life. Her practice responds to an individual’s personal experience of a traumatic disturbance; the future is unknown and at any minute something could turn our lives upside down. What we see as beautiful today might not be tomorrow. www.rosiemcrawley.com

EMMA FENELON draws on her childhood and studies in psychotherapy to explore tall tales through her ceramic sculptures. She graduated from Camberwell College of Art with a first class degree in ceramics at almost the same time as she became a grandmother. She says she grew up believing her father was James Bond, which as it turns out was not so very far from the truth. www.emmafenelon.com

MARTIN GROVER is an established painter and screen printer. His inspirations are simple: childhood recollections, minor street scenes, small news items, poetry, popular songs, advertising, lost or abandoned ephemera, old 45’s, sheds and bus stops. His style can range from straight ahead realism to pop art parody through to whimsical illustration; all produced with wry humour and an occasional hint of melancholy. www.martingrover.com

ANNA LANDO was born in Venice, Italy and spent a few years traveling with her husband in Africa until finally settling in London. Her considerable body of sculptural work, mainly of the female figure, is an accumulation of influences that have come to her through her life. From her Italian background, through her love of African art and culture and finally to the cosmopolitan mix that is London.

CHARLOTTE LONGWORTH is cultivating a technique that combines her love of film photography, drawing, and etching. She creates her own large format negative and prints limited edition pieces, predominantly using the cyanotype process. Subject matter tends to focus on scenes abstracted from the local area. The picture in this exhibition was inspired by time spent in Brockwell Park. charlotte.longworth@outlook.com

ROSA LUETCHFORD‘s work comments on the forgotten female artists, throughout history to the present day. The idea of a woman as a muse for the source of creative inspiration is one that has been previously linked/associated/connected to serving the ‘greatness of a man’. Painting these women as artists in their own right raises them to equal status with the painter. www.rosaluetchford.com

LEAH MAXIMOVA is a professional artist from Russia based in South East London. Her broad-ranging body of work includes cityscapes, landscapes, still lifes, figures, portraits, pet portraits, plein airs. She has an MA in Fine Art and has participated in regional, national and international exhibitions. She is mainly influenced by Impressionism with an eye to expressive and textured brushwork.

SAM McGOUN makes work involving a physical research with both paint and his own experience of mediated imagery. Sam fragments and reworks often seemingly recognisable scenes and refrains from using pure abstraction in an attempt to create ambiguity on the surface. Abstraction, for him, only tells part of the story, and an integral part of Sam’s paintings comes from a desire to portray the figure at the point of abstraction.

RICHARD NIELD is a freelance photojournalist specialising in humanitarian issues in the Middle East and Africa. His driving force is to tell the stories of those whose voices and experiences would otherwise not be heard. Richard has carried out reporting and photography trips throughout the region, including Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, South Sudan, Kenya, Ethiopia, Malawi, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. www.richardnield.com

SARAH RIA‘s work is inspired by the energy of stillness and yet vitality of life within that moment. The process is about capturing this through fleeting memories and camera stills evoking some of that to the viewer through brush strokes. Ria graduated from Wimbledon School of art in film design and her main job is as an Art Director in TV and Film. Ria spends her days creating spaces for scripts, however in painting it frees her to capture the narrative and create many possibilities of stories in a single moment.

JO SHARPE studied textile design at Leeds university and sold her fashion prints worldwide. She now lives in South London and divides her time with teaching, painting and her family. Her landscapes and still lifes show her love for colour and creating texture using her favourite medium, oils. www.jo-sharpe.co.uk

CHRISSY THIRLAWAY is a figurative artist working in two and three dimensions principally painting in oil and acrylic with three dimensional works in copper, textile and found objects. Her work pursues an understanding of the beauty in what is in our experience of everyday life and the tensions of cultural values, shame and sometimes fear. Expression through line, form and light, focused on the human form. www.chrissythirlaway.com

MELANIE TWIGGER‘s work centres around the spaces she inhabits and how the objects around her emit feelings of warmth, memory, and nostalgia. Thought and memory hold an important role in what it is to imagine. Through painting, Melanie is trying to locate and describe definitive elements that are tied to these places bought out by the imagination. www.melanietwigger.com

SILKA UDDENBERG is a Brixton based freelance practicing artist originally from Sweden producing small scale ink and watercolour illustrations. The artist is inspired by nature with its shapes and colours. London surroundings, travel and the people that she crosses.

CORINNA WHITE From an early age Corinna had instinctively enjoyed drawing and surprised her mum when only aged 3 by drawing a image of her mum pushing a pushchair. She excelled in art at school and went to the Medway College of Art & Design in Kent. Although taking another creative path as a young adult, Corinna continued her love of portraiture and life drawing.

AUDREY WILLIAMS is a visual artist that uses all media and different materials within her art. Audrey is a self taught Artist who’s predominant field of art is but not limited to African Art ranging from; African faces, Shields, African mask and beautiful animals – Lions, Giraffes, Zebras etc. Her work is very colourful, Bright and very energetic. Audrey’s artwork comes mainly on canvas but also offers a range of prints and greeting cards.

DAVID WOLVERSON was a freelance surface pattern designer.He worked mainly with clients in the U.S.A. but also throughout Europe.Since moving to London six years ago, David has returned to his first love of painting. David has found the city to be an exciting and inspirational environment in which to produce his canvasses, and high quality Giclee prints of his work.










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