Priscilla Watkins – 19 Tulsemere Road, West Norwood SE27 9EH

Priscilla is best known for her paintings of people swimming at Brockwell Lido. Her work is full of light, movement and colour, and often verges on the abstract, though some pieces reflect a quiet underwater world. She believes that it is the relationship between light and darkness in art that triggers an emotional response in the viewer and can transform an everyday activity such as swimming into resonant poetry.

Her large oils have achieved upwards of £2500 but she paints a wide range of pictures and some smaller pieces are available for around £400. She has also developed a highly successful series of watercolour ‘paper pools’ that sell for £120 unframed. A limited range of linocut prints and cards will also be available. Recent work includes seascapes and small oil-on-board paintings of waves.



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