Michelle Avison‘s work explores the drawn and remembered landscapes of the city and the west coast of Scotland, where she spends the summer every year. Interested in drawing, and the nature of response, Avison’s multi-media approach pushes the boundaries of what printmaking is, and how it can be used as […]

Slaughterhaus Print – Vincent’s Yard, Stockwell SW9 0QT

Anna Sklovsky is a Lambeth based Australian artist primarily working in stained glass and mosaic, which she teaches at the Mary Ward Centre in Bloomsbury. Her stained glass has been commissioned for private and public buildings, in both abstract and representational styles, depending on the architectural context and the client’s […]

Anna Sklovsky – 26 Stockwell Park Crescent, Stockwell SW9 0DE

John is a fine artist specialising in abstraction. He lives and work in South London. About his process he says; “In the creation of my abstract pieces I employ many techniques and different medium. Recently I’ve incorporated collage into the work using both vintage and new papers alongside oil and […]

John Hobbs – 131 Lansdowne Way, Stockwell SW8 2NP