Terms and Conditions

Please note that Lambeth Open is an event aimed to promote the creative individual and is not designed to promote organisations, charities or businesses.

By agreeing to take part in the Lambeth Open event exhibitors will ensure that:

i) The exhibition venue lies within the Lambeth boarders.

ii) The venue will be open to the public 10am to 6pm both the Saturday and Sunday of the event.

iii) Work must be shown in a dedicated exhibition space for that particular artist or crafts person (e.g. not among other people’s work in a shop, or hanging on restaurant walls above customer’s tables)

iv) No admission fee is charged.

v) All exhibitors will be present during the opening hours of the event.

vi) Correct public liability insurance is in place for the venue. The organisers of Lambeth Open can take no responsibility for loss or injury to either exhibitor or member of the public during the event. For exhibitors showing in their own private spaces we would suggest the Artists Newsletter subscription + AIR insurance deal, more details at http://www.a-n.co.uk.

vii) Only exhibitors listed on the venue page will exhibit at that venue during the Lambeth Open weekend. Venue holders will be held liable for any additional exhibitors not listed on the web site.

viii) We may contact you at appropriate times regarding both this year’s and future Open Arts Project events.

ix) To maintain consistent branding across the whole event, venue holders and exhibitors must only use the official publicity material (e.g. leaflets and posters). Additional printed material produced by venue holders must be approved by Lambeth Open organisers. Web references must state that the exhbition is part of the Lambeth Open event and contain links to www.lambethopen.com whenever possible.

All event registration fees paid are non-returnable and non-transferrable.